One-Line Bio


so why is the cat on the bench?

(a) it's a kitchen bench

the writer is passionate about food, be it cooking for friends (or being cooked for), tasting melbourne and beyond, scrunching her forehead in confusion at the ever-changing opinions of what is 'good' for us, entering the kitchens of food bloggers around the world or tuesday morning with a pint of irish breakfast and the 'epicure'.

she hopes that someone somewhere (other than the cat) will take an interest in her culinary contemplations.

(b) it's the judicial bench

the writer is in the midst of the never-ending law degree (5 years and counting). however, a regular drunken 'what-if' is a life as a hybrid nutritionist/reviewer/columnist; instead of rehashing press releases about omega-3s, her writings would teach people how to love food. from her own experience, it is people who love good food who treat their bodies the kindest.

the writer lives with two other law students - one her brother and one the love of her life. when they are meant to be studying, they are talking about food. once fed, they occasionally have insightful reflections on the law.

(c) it's a garden bench

not that a carlton dollhouse allows much of a garden but the writer has just started a fifth attempt to keep some herb and vegetable pots alive for more than two months. the first died after an end-of-semester party (parsley isn't particularly enhanced by sangria), the second from neglect when she fell in love, the third after she moved to london and the fourth from the cat digging to china. she will keep you posted.

(d) if a cat prefers muesli and espresso to chicken, is she really a cat?

there are two loves in the writer's life. the first is happiest asleep on the couch, eats sardines out of the tin and has the softest facial whiskers. the second is audrey, her cat. the two claim mutual hatred but the writer has seen them cuddled up watching violent tv.

(e) bidalasana (cat pose) and a halasana bench

yep, she's a yogi.

(e) mainly 'a' but all of the above

i'd say this one. life enhances food enhances life.

bon appetit