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September 27, 2005



Tonight I went to an "Asian Vietnamese and Malaysian" restaurant and had a dish called "Beef Satay Noodles" that was halfway between a soup and a stirfry and contained pineapple. There was something shonky about it, but I quite enjoyed it.


Hmmm . . . I'm not sure if that counts as a celebration of the unclassifiable or just a mistake - isn't the sign of failed stirfry when it goes soggy (and the sign of a failed soup when it is still crunchy)? But if it made your tummy happy, that's all that counts :)


Good on you. This whole search for authentic food, while laudable in itself, is often an incarnation of food snobbery, and sometimes ignores the fact that imitation food can actually taste very, very nice in its own right.


LOL. Hilarious post! I hear your sentiments, but I too, can envision the deliciousness.


Chai is the perfect drink for us non-coffee types. I prefer it with cow's milk, as I find the soy flavour too strong and it overtakes the flavour from the spices and tea. I agree it's almost impossible to find any cafe that can make a good chai. The syrup is yuck and the chai tea bag is just as bad. I wish cafes would make the effort to make it from scratch. There is a lot of effort gone to for coffee drinkers to have their perfect brew, so why not for tea? And while I'm on the topic, why is it cafes feel like they can charge tea drinkers $3 or more for a tea bag dunked in hot water? They wouldn't dare serve instant coffee to coffee drinkers (or at least not in Melbourne)!

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