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December 28, 2005


Mao the Burmese

You misleads me. I thoughtst you was a cat.

I am a cat.

I am a very good looking cat, burmese no less.

That is all.


Strange cat that.

Love the food writing. I am totally giving chutney next year.

Come back to the blogging world!


Welcome back RD! Sorry for lack of blog - twas the NY resolution to come up with something to give COTB more focus, but there hasn't been inspiration in that respect (a culinary exploration of Brunswick, cooking my way through 'Fun Things to do with Potatoes' . . .). Hmmmm . . .

Mao, I don't understand.


It is match.


Interesting game about the submarine! Very long and with the not bad drawing.


A pleasant holiday shopping season to you and your readers. Thanks for continuing these posts on your blog.

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