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February 01, 2006


another outspoken female

How about a memorial cake in his honour and a picnic this time each year to devour it? Or a breakfast, Indian meal or a contest to make the most creative rice or potato meal.

Hang in there :)


Wonderful memories.


Thanks FN, they are lovely ideas, especially the picnic. Thanks Sue as well :)


I just came across your site kind of randomly - but I knew Dan too. Not so well, but enough to know he was lovely boy - and that was a lovely post about him.

One less good person in the world.

xox nora


hello --
i came across this blog post somehow... i thought you might like to know, there's actually a blog that exists for dan. and if you're interested, i think something like what you posted here would be really good to include there too. here's the address - if you feel inclined, maybe you can contact me through it - i'm fairly sure we may have met before (though i haven't figured out who you may be).
bests, jon.

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