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February 18, 2006



I always thought Brown Sugard looked a bit sus. Sorry to hear about your Valentine's Day dinner. I went to One Fitzroy St which was an equally shameful dining experience with the difference that dinner took 3 hours and they tried to ignore us (couldn't even get them to snap at us).

PS good luck with articles searching ...!


Hi, I live around that area too & love trying out all the littles cafes & restaurants, was just walking by Brownsugar on Saturday & wonderign what it would be like, glad I have read this, might give it a miss now. I love small block for brekky esp outside on a sunny day & the Malayian place is pretty good too!


I love Sugar Dough and Ray too! Tom Phat on Sydney Rd (down near the Brunswick Rd end) is also fantastic if you like interesting but reasonably priced Asian food. Also you must go to A Minor Place on Albion St (between Sydney Rd and Lygon St) for breakie. Can't go past their bagels.....


I think Thaila Thai is a bit overrated. The best Thai on that strip is Thai Nee Cafe, a little further north. I've often considered giving Brown Sugar a go, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. After your horror story, I think I might stay clear. The pizza from De Vault is usually pretty good, and they're very friendly, too.

Miss Eagle

C'mon Cat. Sharpen your cyber pencil. We need to hear more of you more often

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